Our Story

‘Come together or cause to come together again
after a period of separation or disunity.’

We believe in streetwear that helps the world.
We designed a new way to support ethical causes without compromising your lifestyle. How? We connect people with environmental and social projects by giving them what they love: premium fashion.

From the climate crisis to marginalised communities, we fight the challenges of our era by partnering with tech, engineering, non-profit start-ups.

Each capsule collection is dedicated to one specific project. So you just need to choose the garment you love and wear your purpose, while the proceeds will help the world.

Enjoy your everyday city life in our premium outfits. We take care of the rest.

the R3 Team

We are a group of young creatives and innovators eager to bring a positive impact to the world.
While the generations before us wasted our planet, we want to be remembered as the ones that fixed it.

We love big cities and their hectic pace, but we care about the environment too. That’s why we take action through one of the strongest symbols of our urban generation: streetwear.

In order to choose a purpose, you need to be aware of the problem. Ours is called fast fashion.

2020 showed that we don’t need to buy a new garment every week. As fast fashion slowed down, we launched R3UNITE to shake the industry and keep doing good while the world is busy with a pandemic.

Our team comes from different industries: from fashion and marketing to digital and economics, we combine our know-how to innovate sustainable clothing made in Italy, made for the world. If you aim to rethink fashion, rebuild the world and reshape the future reach us at info@r3unite.com