Upcycle With Purpose - End of R3UNITE auction

The fate of production waste is clear. Their defects soon lead them to have only one destination: the landfill. What if they were given a second life and even transformed into true artworks? The planet needs concrete help and we didn’t want to let this pandemic stop us either.

The event “Upcycle With Purpose”

In the exclusive location of Suites & Atelier Lake Como, creativity and technology have joined forces for a good cause. T-shirts and R3UNITE sweatshirts with manufacturing defects soon had a new purpose in “Upcycle With Purpose”. The event allowed us to auction off these products made into artworks thanks to the contribution of artists who espoused our cause for free. All proceeds? Entirely donated to the Association Diana ODV.

Imagine a 3D augmented reality exhibition that you can visit through an interactive virtual tour. Or maybe better explore it here, with your own eyes. We’ve included the artwork, the artists’ information and their videos to give visitors a chance to learn about the creative process behind each garment. Then, on International Earth Day, the official launch of the online auction on Catawiki: 10 days to win these exclusive garments and their digital versions. How did it go?

Production waste: from problem to resource

Determined to contribute to the well-being of the planet, we looked for a way to help clothing companies solve a problem they experience every day. We’re talking about printing errors, fabric impurities and other forms of defects. We have the solution and it’s called upcycling. A young twenty-year-old considers a dress worn 5 times already old. We want to change this perception and show that even when a garment is thrown away, in reality, it still has a purpose. 

A successful initiative: the numbers

The numbers confirm the success of this initiative:

  • Number of visitors to the Virtual Exhibition: almost 2,500
  • Money collected: 2,000 euros
  • Number of sleepless nights to fix the bugs of the exhibition: many 🙂

But it was worth it guys. It’s our first event and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. Upcycle With Purpose will remain on display at this link.

What will the Association Diana ODV realize with the funds raised from the auction? We’ll update you soon. In the meantime, we are already working on the next event. Summer is coming, keep an eye on our Instagram. BIG NEWS ARE COMING.