Essential is our style, so it’s our philosophy:
We take the least from the planet to give more back. As a “business-with-purpose” brand, our collections champion no-profit & tech startups that bring a positive impact to the world. We partner only with those organizations that share our values: quality, sustainability and ethics. We know what’s need to be done, yet we don’t tell others what to do. We believe in luxury that doesn’t cost the environment. But we believe in lit outfits too. Few pieces, great impact.

This is our promise. R3UNITE is for those who rethink fashion as something made to last, not to change every month. R3UNITE is for those who refund the world, because being carbon neutral isn’t enough. R3UNITE is for those who reshape the future, one collection at a time. Let’s streetwear with purpose. Let’s reunite.


Taking care of our home is our business. Coming from privileged first-world countries, we acknowledge the need to use our ethical clothing to heal the world.  take action globally. We’re more than a sustainable fashion brand. We’re a startup that creates ethical clothing to heal the world. Sustainability rhymes with responsibility: ours isn’t greenwashing but a business model that gives a significant share of net profits to projects that leave a positive impact on the world. 

It’s a long journey, but the purpose is clear. R3UNITE doesn’t just sell sustainable streetwear, we sell the possibility to be part of something bigger: an environmental project, an ethical community and eventually, a movement to refund the world.


Fashion industry is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions, 20% pesticide usage and 20% of wastewater worldwide. And this sucks. We rely on a short supply chain, ethical and checked so we can work only GOTS certified fabrics that reduce the percentages mentioned above. In addition, our collections are genderless and seasonless, with a limited number of pieces like our natural resources. 

With R3UNITE you wear a purpose, 100% GOTS cotton and silk, a long-lasting garment, a fair living wage for textile workers, and the will to change a great industry that has been ruined for the sake of profit.


Our actions are future driven. Call us innovators, dreamers, game-changers – we don’t care. But we do care about doing something different now to have a better future. 2020 taught us that in times of crisis we can collectively act to find a solution. And in 2020 we reunited to make this idea happen. We’re born from a world crisis, we have the mindset to reshape the future in our DNA.

Streetwear is one of the greatest forms of self-expression of the century. It’s always associated with young generations – let’s make it a drive of a greater change, let’s make it stand for our future.